Postponing the presale

A message from the Art Inu team

We opened our whitelist 4 days ago and officially closed it 1 hour ago on the 24th of June 2021. Based on the results we have decided to postpone the presale, here is why:

Protect our investors

In the past few weeks, we saw a huge market correction, people lost a lot of money. The market changed and so the people’s behaviors. People are much more careful, which is natural and are looking to secure profits as soon as possible. We need to take that into account.

On the good side, we received a lot of positive feedback and lot of people found the concept exciting and interesting. A number of NFT artists reached out to us as well as potential partners for the future!

Next steps

Despite the burst of the NFT bubble, we believe NFTs are here to stay. It’s a new paradigm and while crypto can be obscure to many people, NFTs are easy to understand for the mainstream. Art Inu, by its design and its simple concept has a huge potential.

We hope you understand our decision and stay tuned for more announcements 🔥

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