Introducing Art Inu, the first dog supporting and rewarding emerging NFT artists

Hi friends,

We are really excited to introduce your Art Inu, an upcoming token on Ethereum supporting and rewarding emerging NFT artists.


We’ve seen in the past couple of months a true NFT boom, the hype was real but a reset was needed and it happened.

The boom allowed digital artists to get a voice and it created a huge community of NFT artists around the world willing to be their own boss, refusing middlemen.

Like in the real world, a lot of amazing artists are struggling to get the recognition they deserve and the money to be fully independent to focus on their art. Art Inu is here to solve this problem by being the first dog to reward emerging NFTs artists. So how does it works then?

What is Art Inu?

Through our tokenomics and our upcoming platform:

  • NFT artists will be able to apply to join the community and submit their profiles and works on our platform.
  • Every week, the community will vote to decide which artists will receive an allocation from the artists fund.
  • Collaboration with famous artists or auction house will be used as a way of fundraising
  • Artists will be invited to become ambassadors of the brand by creating NFTs, artworks for the project while promoting it.

The artist fund is a wallet dedicated to support NFT artists.

  • 15% of the supply will be initially added to the artists fund.
  • 2% of each transaction (buy or sell) will be automatically added to the artists fund wallet.
  • Anyone will also be able to donate at anytime by sending funds to the wallet directly.


There is an 8% tax on each transaction, with:

  • 2% is distributed to holders
  • 2% is added to the NFT artists fund
  • 4% is automatically added to liquidity

If you’re not familiar with tax on transaction it means you will get a little bit less than what you paid for but remember we are only doing this to make the project successful. You will also benefit from those taxes as everytime someone buy or sell you will receive free tokens directly in your wallet. Increasing the liquidity also allows more people to join and start trading increasing the price and value of your tokens.

Token allocation

Information about the presale will be shared in the coming days, stay tuned and join our telegram to get notified:

35% — Presale
10% — Marketing & Development
35% — Initial liquidity
15% — Artists fund
5% — Team





The first dog supporting and rewarding emerging NFT artists