Art Inu, progress and future plans 🔥

Hi everyone,

This is Ed from We listed on Uniswap 10 days ago and now is a good time to reflect on some of the progress we’ve made, the feedback we got and what we have in store.

What we achieved in the past 10 days:

  • Got audited by tech-audit
    We worked with to get our first audit. We plan on getting more in the future as the project grows. The audit is accessible at
  • We released a dashboard
    We wanted to create a space where holders could easily access key information and data about ARTINU. The dashboard allows any holder to see their holdings (in % / $). The total value of the artists/NFT fund and more.
  • Create a page on snapshot allowing holders to vote
    As we aim to be a DAO where holders can be active participants and take part in the decision, we created our page on snapshot Holders can submit proposals and vote.

What we learned in the past 10 days:

Our primary goal was to develop a platform rewarding NFT artists. Artists would be able to showcase their work and holders vote. Our tagline was “The first dog rewarding NFT artists”. While we still believe in this mission, we realized we were not offering much to our holders. Especially as developing the platform takes time, we realized we needed to change our strategy. We needed to give more value and utility to our token now.

Next steps:

NFTs are trending like crazy. We know a lot of crypto investors are looking to get into it but don’t know where to start but at the same time don’t want to miss out. We want to create a bridge for crypto investors to the NFT world.

💰 NFT portfolio

Starting next week, we will start building a public NFT portfolio using the funds from the artists/NFT wallet. We will buy and trade NFTs publicly. Our NFT advisors are constantly monitoring the market and will help us make the best decisions.

As grows, we will be able to buy more expensive NFT and get more exposure amongst the NFT community which will be beneficial for everyone.

As an ARTINU holder, you will own a % of the portfolio based on how much you hold. Profits from the sales will be redistributed to holders every week.

We have already started working on a dapp displaying the portfolio, the current value, how much you own etc.

🤝 Partnership

In order to get more exposure amongst other communities, we will add a section on our dapp and use our artists to create NFTs for other projects. We already have a partnership lined up with a big meme token, they are waiting for us to develop the feature before announcing anything. This could be an excellent way in the future to grow and get more exposure.

🎁 NFT giveaway

As we start buying NFT or receive for free, we aim at doing more giveaways for our holders. The system will be simple, the more tokens you hold, the more chance you get. We will also organize contests. More details will be announced soon.

🔥 Exclusive deals

Finally, we want our holders to get access to exclusive deals or sales. As we grow, we expect projects to be interested in partnering with us giving you plenty of opportunities.

🎨 Website update/redesign + branding

We will improve and update the website to fit this new direction and update the branding in the coming days.


Hope you are all as excited as us! We are just getting started 💪

The first dog supporting and rewarding emerging NFT artists