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Hi everyone,

This is Ed from We listed on Uniswap 10 days ago and now is a good time to reflect on some of the progress we’ve made, the feedback we got and what we have in store.

What we achieved in the past 10 days:

  • Got audited by tech-audit
    We worked with to get our first audit. We plan on getting more in the future as the project grows. The audit is accessible at
  • We released a dashboard
    We wanted to create a space where holders could easily access key information and data about ARTINU. The dashboard allows any holder to see their holdings (in…

A message from the Art Inu team

We opened our whitelist 4 days ago and officially closed it 1 hour ago on the 24th of June 2021. Based on the results we have decided to postpone the presale, here is why:

Protect our investors

In a sea of scams and projects looking to , we care about our investors. While a presale is an opportunity to be early in a project at a cheap price, it’s only valuable if the launch is successful. Right now we cannot guarantee that because we didn’t get the hype we wanted. …

Hi friends,

We are really excited to introduce your Art Inu, an upcoming token on Ethereum supporting and rewarding emerging NFT artists.


We’ve seen in the past couple of months a true NFT boom, the hype was real but a reset was needed and it happened.

The boom allowed digital artists to get a voice and it created a huge community of NFT artists around the world willing to be their own boss, refusing middlemen.

Like in the real world, a lot of amazing artists are struggling to get the recognition they deserve and the money to be fully…

Art Inu

The first dog supporting and rewarding emerging NFT artists

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